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What breed of dog is in the Chevy SUV commercial

The breed of dog in the Chevy SUV commercial is a German Shepherd. The breed’s loyalty, intelligence and strength are all prominently featured in the ad, highlighting their perfect match for life on the go. The commercial also showcases a few of their other traits such as their affectionate nature and playfulness, as well as their strong physical presence which complements the powerful SUV. With these qualities, it’s no surprise then that they have been used by law enforcement officers and other professional organizations for many years. The ad was created to spotlight these characteristics while demonstrating that the Chevy Suburban can keep up with an active lifestyle—just like a German Shepherd can

Overview of the Chevy SUV Commercial

The Chevy SUV commercial has become an iconic piece of advertising. It features a family of four who are preparing to get in their new Chevy SUV and head out on an adventure. But the star of this commercial is actually the two dogs that accompany them: a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Golden Retriever.

The Bernese Mountain Dog is given top billing and becomes particularly adorable when he starts playing with a beach ball. Meanwhile, the Golden Retriever takes up the rear as he gets into his seating position, ready for the journey ahead! Both dogs add a much needed layer of charm and humor to this classic commercial and have made it one that viewers remember long after the spot is finished airing.

Introduction to the Breed: Black Labradors

The Black Labrador is the canine actor star in Chevy’s current SUV commercial. This American K9 classic is a popular choice for families because of their kindly nature and zest for life. They are incredibly friendly, making them an ideal pet for households with small children or multiple pets.

Black Labradors boast a strong work ethic, eagerness to please and unique physical appearance. The breed has a broad head, muscular body, webbed feet and a double-coat with water resistant properties. Labs are well known for their love of running, swimming, retrieving and actually enjoying obedience activities like agility courses.

In its purest form, the breed has been around since 1903 when two Newfoundland dogs were crossed with the St. Johns Water seresto flea collar cat Dog breed from Canada. The result was the lovable Black Lab we know today!

Why this breed is ideal for a commercial

The type of Dog featured in the Chevy SUV commercial is a Labrador Retriever. This breed of dog is ideal for commercials because of their intelligence, athleticism, and loyalty. Labs have an incredibly easy-going nature which makes them well-suited to performing in front of cameras and large audiences. They also have expressive looks on their faces which can easily evoke strong emotions from viewers.

Moreover, Labradors are a very popular breed in the United States, so they are instantly recognizable to most viewers. They also tend to be naturally curious and obedient which makes them easier to train and more likely to perform whatever trick or action they are asked to do while filming the commercial. Finally, their combination of intelligence and athleticism makes them a great choice for showing off how powerful and capable Chevy’s SUVs really are!

Physical & temperamental qualities of the black Labrador

The black Labrador that is featured in the Chevy SUV commercial is an incredibly popular breed of dog, both for their fantastic temperaments and distinctive physical qualities. Physically, these dogs have short, sleek black coats and powerful body types. Labradors are medium-sized dogs with strong muscular frames and broad chests, often referred to as having “blocky” heads due to their wide, square muzzles. Their tails are thick and medium-length and they generally have padded white paws.

Temperamentally, black Labradors are renowned for being incredibly loyal with strong emotional bonds to their owners. They are also gentle and patient, making them ideal family pets; however, they can be quite mischievous if bored! They often love to take part in activities — swimming being a favorite for many — which means that if you get one of these pups you should be prepared to commit some playtime each day. All in all this breed is a wonderful asset to any household!

Popularity of Labs in commercials

Labs have become one of the most popular breeds to appear in commercials, and it’s not hard to see why. They are intelligent, trainable, and very photogenic—plus they have a friendly, outgoing personality that audiences love. Labs are also known for having an uncanny ability to express human emotion—which makes them perfectly suited for emotional advertising.

That being said, it is interesting to note that the Lab featured in the Chevy SUV commercial isn’t actually from a breed we typically associate with cheerfulness—namely Golden Retrievers or Labrador Retrievers. Instead, this pup was an English Mastiff—a breed known for its loyalty and courage, as well as its distinctive large size.

Regardless of the breed used, however, there’s no denying the popularity of Labs in commercials these days. There seems to be an endless supply of adorable labs that can totally steal the show!