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We provide Property Management Services in Chennai, and caters to property owners across Tamil Nadu. Your Trust is our strength. We invest our expertise in providing holistic property management services such as Tenant Management, Rent collection and deposits, payment of maintenance charges to resident welfare associations, timely payment of property taxes, routine property inspection and assistance in tenancy or power-of-attorney agreement.

B2 - REPAIRS & RENOVATION - Property Management Services in Chennai

Plot Monitoring

Continuous monitoring of the properties you own is important. You can avoid trouble from legal actions if early detection and action are taken.

Buying Assistance

Searching and evaluating properties is daunting. Our unbiased insights on properties in Chennai & across Tamilnadu will help you get best deals.

Selling Assistance

We help identify potential buyers who are genuine and ready to invest on properties. Your time in hunting buyers and closing the deal is made easy.

Rental Assistance

Let us help you find suitable tenants for your properties for rent or lease. We also help in collecting and paying rent, maintenance, civic taxes & utility bills.

Property Maintenance

We maintain your properties like you care. Wherever you are, we follow a systematic maintenance schedule to ensure your property stays healthy and appealing.

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Especially if you are a NRI with no one residing at your property, or having elderly parents who cannot be bothered with daunting tasks, or living in distant cities/states from where you have properties, property management company can help you save energy, time and money.

We support properties of any type. Land, Residential and Commercial buildings.

JAS Property Care has an Online Web Application for each of our clients. We update our notes, image or video files taken during routine inspection of your properties.

Two Weeks to One Month in general. We have a network of associates who can spread the word around and find good tenants quickly so that rental income is not affected.

We focus on offering customers a total peace of mind. Work we get done through contractors based on client’s budget and preference.

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C1 - Maintain Properties like you Care

Maintain Properties like you Care

C2 - Maintain Properties like you Care