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Dr.A.John Vincent is a trusted name when it comes to commitment and customer-centric service approach. With close to 20 years of Entrepreneurship experience, he has groomed himself to be a value adding solution provider in multiple businesses. His innate service mind-set leads him to run initiatives on rural empowerment and actively participate in social service projects. He founded JAS Property Care to provide property management services continued appreciation of investments and continued maintenance of properties happen in a simplified manner.

How we can Support?

JAS Property Care is a One-Stop-Shop Property Management Solution for Investors and Property Owners. We remove the hassle out of investing in, benefitting from and experiencing peaceful transactions in properties.

Property Management

Our holistic property management services include Rental Assistance, Buying Assistance, Selling Assistance and Plot Monitoring with complete legal and documentation assistance.

Buying / Selling Assistance

Buy appreciating properties in best market rates from genuine sellers and Sell properties to buyers at best market rates so that you can benefit from market appreciation in right time.

Repairs & Renovation

Properties need continuous & consistent maintenance to keep up property valuation and health for long-term. We assist in fixing minor property repairs and complete property renovation.

Property Maintenance

From Deep cleaning, dry cleaning, wet cleaning and house-keeping we ensure your property is clean, hygienic and healthy to accommodate residents or tenants and offer you total peace of mind.

Why JAS Property Care?

JAS Property Care offers complete Property Management Services in Chennai servicing whole of Tamilnadu.

Ready to get started ?

Being a NRI, I needed professional property management services in Chennai. JAS Property Management was recommended by my friends. I now recommend them after experiencing their services.
Bharath Sritharan

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Maintain Properties like you Care

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