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JAS Property Care is a specialized Bamboo Fencing, Bamboo Furniture contractor in Chennai.

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Bamboo Fencing Works

JAS Property Care specializes in providing Bamboo Fencing and Bamboo Furniture works in Chennai. Bamboo is a beautiful furniture material for your residential and commercial spaces. 

Use Bamboo for fencing, gates, roofs, huts, wall partitions and shades. As a natural material, Bamboo offers an earthly look and feel and naturistic protection. 

Consult JAS Property Care for all your Bamboo fencing works in Chennai. We will listen to your needs and accordingly propose beautiful and strong bamboo fencing works that serves functionality, elegance and safety.

Bamboo Compound Wall Fencing

Bamboo fencing is an easy and natural way to ensure privacy around your front gates, back yards, pool, or hot tubs. Bamboo Fencing is attractive and easy to install, and costs only a fraction when considered with other alternatives.

Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo blinds for windows and doors can be super useful to bring down the temperature of your room by more than a few degrees. 

Bamboo Blinds also act as a super dust protection shield in busy and dust-prone areas.

Bamboo Huts

Have space in the back yard or garden or in the rooftop? Plan for an aesthetic bamboo hut.

JAS Property Care Bamboo Fencing Works will customize and build your cozy Bamboo Hut.   

Bamboo Roofs

Bamboo Roofs provide aesthetic and earthy look to huts.

Bamboo is an eco-friendly and economical alternative to steel and concrete roofing.

Bamboo Roofs are also cost-effective and requires only easy maintenance. 

Bamboo Wall Partitions

Bamboo Wall Partitions create private or cozy spaces within your home.

In space-crunched urban housing, dividers are perfect to create partitions and private living spaces. 

Approach JAS Property Care for creating Bamboo Wall Partitions in Chennai.

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Installing a bamboo fence and other bamboo products are relatively easy. It does take little time and lesser manpower only.

Bamboo products have a long life when compared to other wooden gates. But bamboo products do need maintenance and protective shields applied.

Don’t Worry. We will thoroughly guide you with bamboo fencing maintenance upon completing the installation work. We do have Maintenance Contracts to protect your bamboo products with preventive maintenance. 

We have multiple techniques and design patterns with which we can create bamboo fencing and other bamboo products for your homes and offices.

NO! We don’t offer refunds. Please evaluate us before placing order. Get our FREE Consultation and an Estimate after looking at our past work.

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JAS Property Care is a specialized Bamboo Fencing contractor and Bamboo Furniture Maker in Chennai.

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